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Would you miss the IRS?

July 24, 2007


Huckabee supports the fair tax.  The fair tax plan is a  flat tax that is based on consumption and would eliminate the IRS and all forms income tax.

Can you imagine that?  The IRS being completely shut down?  How much would that save the Federal Government every year?  Mike has stated it would save $10 billion per year.

For more details on the the fair tax, visit  For Mike Huckabee’s official stance on the fair tax visit his official campain website.


Great Blog about Mike

July 23, 2007

Discusses one point that sets Huckabee apart from most candidates. He believes the health care problem in our country is a symptom of our health problem. That is, we spend way too much treating chronic diseases instead of preventing the disease in the first place. The following is quoted from Mike Huckabee’s official campaign site:

The health care system in this country is irrevocably broken, in part because it is only a “health care” system, not a “health” system. We don’t need universal health care mandated by federal edict or funded through ever-higher taxes. We do need to get serious about preventive health care instead of chasing more and more dollars to treat chronic disease, which currently gobbles up 80% of our health care costs, and yet is often avoidable. The result is that we’ll be able to deliver better care where and when it’s needed.

My wife and I both work in the non-profit industry and often deal with health care issues. We couldn’t agree more.

We Like Mike!

July 22, 2007

Mike Huckabee

Welcome to our initial blog post in support of Mike Huckabee for President in 2008! We will try to update often. For more information on the Arkansas Governor and our choice for the next president please visit